Wellness & The Sweet Gum Tree

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Wellness & The Gum Tree

The SIGLA WELLNESS CENTER is at your service throughout the day, offering saunas, cold showers,hairdresser,manicure,pedicure,body care,beauty care,Mask and massages given by experts in the field and providing you with the opportunity to benefit from the natural essence of the sweet gum tree, a magical cure for the skin.

The Sweet Gum Tree
The Bay Beach Club is located on the Günlüklü Bay amidst a forest of the exotic Sweet Gum tree, a very rare kind throughout the world. Our guests enjoy the opportunity to benefit from the antiseptic, antiparasitic, deodorant, curing and refreshing effects of the oil extracted from this rare exotic plant. You will never get enough of breathing in the tranquilizing fragrance given off by the sweet gum trees at dawn and at sunset.

  • The Sweet Gum Tree is the only life form on earth that has preserved its characteristics for over 65 million years,
  • Sweet Gum oil was an indispensable ingredient in the curative mixtures of Hippocrates, the father of medicine,
  • The Sweet Gum tree is the most productive oxygen generator found in nature,

  • Did you know that;
    Cleopatra used Sweet Gum oil as a love potion and fragrance.  


2019 summer season early bookings started with discounts up to 30%

The Bay Beach Club; Dalaman - Fethiye highway; Is located in the world with its unique natural architecture, respecting the environment and the nature. It is one of the rare facilities in Turkey and the world with its specialties.

38 km to Dalaman Airport by road. , 10 km from Göcek city center. Fethiye city center is 17 km. Our distant facility; With its 200.000 sqm area under its supervision; It is positioned on 50.000 m2 area.

THE BAY BEACH CLUB HOTEL; 20 Standard Rooms located on a 50.000 m2 area in a shallow (daily) forest; 12 Standard Bungalows; 5 Deluxe Bungalows; 2 Deluxe Suite Bungalows; 3 Family Suites; 3 Sultan Suites and 1 Pasha Suite.

In the vicinity of the natural lake in the facility, ducks, water turtles, rabbits, peacocks and chicks, such as in the presence of domestic animals; You will find a chance to relax by watching the squirrels running over the shallow trees ...

It is the only living species that has survived for 65 million years without changing its character,
The father of medicine, Hippocrates, is one of the indispensable sources of healing,
The fact that your squared tree is the world's most oxygen producing tree,
Cleopatra's soap is used as love potion and perfume ...

Did you know ?

You will not be able to feed the most special tree of the nature that your daily (mature) tree has laid during the sunrise and sunset.

Wishing you a holiday full of health, peace and beauty ...